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Shekhawati is best described as an “Open Air Art Gallery of Rajasthan” since it is the most artistic region and plays a vital role in Rajasthan tourism. The major regions of Shekhawati contain some of world’s most fabulous & exquisite paintings & frescos. Shekhawati region covers townships like Mandawa, Dundlod, Nawalgarh, Fatehpur, Sikar, Lakshmangarh and Jhunjhunu. A tour to Shekhawati region offers a glorious opportunity to see many heritage havelis, forts & palaces, and mansions which show the true Indian ambiance of the town.

The name of the town has been derived from the Great Rajput Kachhwaha chieftain Rao Sekha Ji and the offspring of Rao Sekha Ji are called Shekhawat. The Shekhawatis are known as a brave, sacrificing and diligent people and have contributed to the Indian Army in the first and Second World War. The most important part of Shekhawati is the amazing painted havelis in the traditional artistic pattern.

To explore the real heritage in Shekawati, the best way is to take a Shekhawati Jeep Safari Tour to explore its various towns. It’s a semi-desert region of north-eastern Rajasthan and located exclusively in the triangle of Delhi- Bikaner-Jaipur. The whole region is famous for its astonishingly painted havelis containing beautiful paintings and frescos on the walls. The landscape of Shekhawati is ornamented with age old Havelis painted in the lively color with fabulous form of art. The region of Shekhawati is also known as “Scotland of India” because of its brave, sacrificing and meticulous people.

Major Attractions of Shekhawati

Shekhawati is known for its well decorated havelis and buildings. Chokhani Haveli and Jhunjhunwala Heavily are the two major attractions of this place.

Chokhani Haveli :

The haveli is situated in Mandawa and Nawalgarh city of Shekhawati and known for the beautiful wall paintings. The inner portions of the haveli are closed for the public but the haveli can be viewed from its outer portion that clearly depicts the traditional art forms.

Jhunjhunwala Haveli :

This haveli is situated in the Mandawa region and attracts tourists from entire world. The rooms of the haveli are painted in the golden color and enriched with the famous wall paintings.

Other Attractions :

Other major attractions of this place are Nawalgarh, Mukandgarh, and Fatehpur and which are also known for their well designed and decorated havelis. The havelis are painted using blue, yellow, maroon, green and indigo colors. The walls of the haveli are decorated with the colorful paintings based on the mythological themes.

Shekhawati at a Glance

  • Also Known as : Open Air Art Gallery of Rajasthan
  • Location : North West Rajasthan, Jaipur is 185 Km and Bikaner 230 Km from Shekhawati region, Jaipur is the nearest airport.
  • Temperature : Max 41 ºC, Min 29 ºC (summer); Max 30 ºC, Min 10.5 ºC (winter)
  • Languages : Hindi, Marwari, Rajasthani.
  • Major Attractions : Havelis, forts & places, temples, and various towns located in this region
  • Best Time to Visit : October to March.